Informa – Tarsus Group and the Rubber Authority of Thailand, are organizing “TyreXpo Asia 2024” with the goal of leading Thailand to become the hub of the rubber industry in ASEAN.

Informa Markets Thailand, in collaboration with Tarsus Group and a network of partners from the rubber industry led by the Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT), will organize “TyreXpo Asia 2024.” This event marks the first of its kind in Thailand, gathering the international tyre rubber industry. It aims to strengthen entrepreneurs, provide a platform for business negotiations, create trade opportunities, and establish a comprehensive network for the Thai rubber industry’s supply chain. The inaugural event in Thailand is scheduled for May 15-17, 2024, at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

The Thai natural rubber industry is a key driver of the Thai economy. Thailand has been a major global exporter of natural rubber, with expectations for continued growth. Thailand has various positive factors that present good opportunities, including the recovery of the industry, especially the automotive and electric vehicle sectors, which have increasing demand. Additionally, rubber-related products like gloves, medical equipment, and infrastructure investments support the demand for rubber in construction. Importantly, government measures to stabilize rubber prices for farmers have helped the Thai natural rubber industry recover and show positive growth trends. Recognizing the importance of these factors,

Informa Markets, a leader in organizing exhibitions and business negotiation events at the regional level, sees the opportunity and is prepared to promote and support the Thai rubber industry in meeting global market demands. Hence, Informa Markets has proceeded to collaborate with Tarsus Group and a network of partners from the rubber industry, led by the Rubber Authority of Thailand, to jointly organize “TyreXpo Asia 2024.” This event is the first in Thailand to gather the international tyre rubber industry, covering the dimensions of vehicle repair, maintenance, and tyre accessories from leading global brands. It aims to create opportunities for the Thai natural rubber industry in terms of promoting investment, upgrading the manufacturing sector, and integrating technology and innovation to push Thailand towards becoming a production and trade hub in the ASEAN region in the future.

Mr. Sukatus Tarngwiriyakul, Deputy Governor of Operation, Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT), said that according to the government policy that promotes and supports the use of rubber within the country in promoting Thailand to becoming the hub of the world’s manufacturing and innovating industrial rubber products. Therefore, RAOT is committed to moving forward with managing the country’s entire rubber system in accordance with the government’s policy of “Leading by Markets, Supporting by Innovations, Increasing Income” as well as the directive of Captain Thammanat Prompao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, who is accelerating policy ang guidelines implementation in line with such policies especially promoting the processing of various rubber products which can absorb the amount of rubber production from the market along with increasing the trading capacity of Thai rubber in the world market by raising the level of rubber production and managing Thai rubber systems to meet international needs and standards such as EUDR regulation.

“Today the Thai government sees the opportunity to enhance trade and business operations since Thailand is an important source of rubber raw materials and having a system that can be traced back to the source of rubber raw materials which can attract a large number of investors to invest in Thailand. It is considered a good opportunity for industrial agriculture, creating added value for rubber as well as creating wealth for rubber farmers and those involved in every sector,” Mr. Sukatus said.

Mr. Sukatus added thatTyreXpo Asia 2024” is the first international tyre exhibition held in Thailand. It is considered as a stage to show Thailand’s readiness for EUDR, where the users can be confident that products from Thai rubber are products that meet standards and can actually trace back to the origin of the rubber. This event brings together manufacturers and traders in the tyre rubber industry more than 250 brands which is considered as important marketing channel and very beneficial to the Thai rubber industry. RAOT views this opportunity as a crucial step in supporting the tyre rubber industry in Thailand, which is growing in line with market dynamics. It is a significant stride in effectively managing rubber to maximize its benefits, aligning with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives’ policies aimed at elevating the quality of life throughout the rubber supply chain in Thailand’s rubber industry as well as promoting the investment. At this time, RAOT, together with all sectors, is accelerating preparations for processing rubber raw materials into standardized tyres and every tyre can be traced back to its origin. This will stimulate the use of rubber in the country and create sustainable income for rubber farmers.

Mr. Alwin Seow, Deputy Event Director – Asia & Singapore, Informa Markets says “TyreXpo Asia 2024 inaugural launch in Thailand serves as an additional platform for the tyre community in Asia Pacific to congregate and expand their outreach to emerging markets and introduce best practices and technologies.
TyreXpo Asia 2024 Bangkok will bring in close to 5,000 potential buyers from across the region with over 250 tyre brands, to providing the opportunity for leading and emerging international and regional suppliers in the Tyres, Equipment & Tools, and Tyre Accessories market to showcase the latest technology and equipment, discuss best practice and solutions to drive operational efficiencies for business.

The 3-day event will include the exhibition that focuses on connecting buyers and sellers, and our hosted buyer programme will bring in over 100 international hosted buyers down to ensure success in your business. The two key conferences also include the retreading conference and tyre business conference, where the objective is to strengthen the community by sharing international business perspectives and insights in strategies and technicalities.”
Make your mark at TyreXpo Asia, the only dedicated trade show in Asia Pacific. Explore opportunities and network with 5,000 professionals from the Tyre Industry.

The event is scheduled for May 15-17, 2024, at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Bangkok. Stay updated with news and details of the event at www.tyrexpoasia.com

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